Web Design Tools That Every Web Designer in Dumfries Uses

Every web designer has a range of web designing tools that they use every day. Out of all the tools in their tool belt, it is quite likely that they have at least one tool that falls into one of four categories of design tools.

Mock-up/ Wireframing/ Prototyping Tools

Mock-up tools are either free or commercial software that you can use to plan out your website layout. They typically employ a drag and drop interface and are quite intuitive to use. They are a good way to communicate your design to potential clients or to share your ideas and thoughts with colleagues. In addition, they are great for organizing and visualizing your design before implementing them. Mock-ups will allow for initial planning, which can definitely save a significant amount of time.

Here is a list of the top 20 wireframing tools for web design.

Browser Developer Tools For Debugging

Browser developer tools are tools that allow you to modify Html and CSS on the fly through your web browser. In fact, you can go to any existing website, modify the CSS and Html and see the immediate changes on the screen. These tools are almost a necessity to any web designer as it will greatly increase efficiency. Instead of having to recompile and refresh your browser when building your design, you can use the development tools to get your design right before implementing it.

What does the expert think? We asked a Web Designer in Dumfries.

We asked All-In-One Web Design who offer Web Design in Dumfries what their favourite tool is: “I would definitely have to say that the Chrome DevTools are by far my favourite, it helps us track down layout issues with ease.”

Graphics Editing Software

Every web designer has some sort of graphics editing software. Whether you need to create a logo or create a skin for a menu, graphics editing software is necessary. Almost every picture you see on the internet has been edited with a digital graphics editing tool, showing the prominence of these tools. Photoshop is by far the most popular editing software for creating simple and complex graphics. However, there are some free alternatives, such as GIMP.

Web Growth, says: “Photoshop has helped us considerably in designing websites for clients, we highly recommend it and it’s well worth the investment as it will boost the quality of your work and save you time in the long run in comparison to free software such as GIMP.”

Design Inspiration Websites

This is slightly different than the others from the list since it isn’t really a tool, but more of a resource. Web designer’s block occurs when a designer gets uninspired and unable to come up with design ideas. This is something that web designer’s encounter from time to time and can become an incredibly time-consuming endeavor. Luckily, there are some websites which solely focus on showcasing existing web page designs for people to look at. The featured websites are often modern in design and are a good way to keep up with the latest design ideas. In addition, there are several sites that can be utilized to view some artwork which can inspire new design ideas.

As you can see, having a designing tool in each of these four categories can greatly help you as a web designer. It can help improve productivity and help you formulate and communicate your ideas. The best tool for each category is somewhat subjective and will vary from designer to designer. You will just have to try out a few to see which appeals to you the most.

A special thanks to All-In-One Web Design and Web Growth for contributing to this website design article.

Growing Online Traffic To Your Website

Growing website traffic is among the main tasks associated with a website owner online, especially if they are attempting to make a company from the website. This is where companies like Gotch SEO can step in and advise you on how best to optimize your traffic. This can be one of the hardest tasks, as few people truly understand how to obtain traffic on the internet and continue to increase it as time passes.

How can you Get More Traffic Online?

Without a doubt, website traffic doesn’t come easy. You need to work at it. You ought to be doing the same things every consistently to improve your traffic which includes producing content on social media, your blog and other online platforms. You’ve to set time aside to work on your seo to be able to increase website traffic otherwise your website becomes just like a shop without clients.

Methods Of Growing Online Traffic

There are some methods to market your online businesses. Remember, promotion brings you traffic. You need to promote in some manner on the web in order to have that elusive traffic online. A few of the ways include – article promotion, PPC, Search engine optimization and Banner advertisements.

Okay, let us review these techniques first.

Article promotion:

As the title itself indicates, this means marketing through writing and submitting articles. This process involves lots of work. It takes you time to write articles on a continuous basis and obtain that articles to position high in search engines as well as on the content directory home pages to be able to use whatever real traffic online. The only real positive thing relating to this method is this fact is 100 % free of charge.

Pay per click (PPC):

This can be a compensated approach to get more traffic online. All you need to do is create certain advertisements around the ad platforms like AdWords, Yahoo Search engine marketing or MSN ad network. Then choose some key phrases which are getting plenty of searches each month after which enter your charge card particulars to the system and immediately your advertisements is going to be proven to 1000’s of individuals trying to find individuals key phrases. However, the primary drawback to this process is it burns up your pockets and it is extremely competitive.

Search engine optimization (Seo):

However, this is extremely competitive in the majority of the major niches. You will get away with a few micro niches, but there’s very low cost during these niches in whatever way. So, including some learning curve before you increase website traffic aimed at your website. It is around $100 an hour to hire a search engine optimization company, so it may be worthwhile looking at learning seo yourself, we recommend looking at the  MOZ beginners guide to SEO.

Banner ad Advertisements:

Well, this can be the least expensive way of generating traffic online, providing you know exactly who your audience are. Otherwise, believe me, you are likely to seriously burn your wallet. These visitors are affordable, however, the conversion rates are less in comparison with the above techniques and you also can lose more money compared to above techniques if you do not know your work.

By combining all of these methods, you can effectively increase your online traffic to your website.

Boost Engagement Using WordPress For Web Design

Engagement on your website is essential to be successful, our WordPress training provides you with 3 tips to obtain more site visitors to your website. All businesses wish to grow their sites to gain exposure and obtain more site visitors and comments for their site or blog. SEO companies like Essential Marketer create more traffic through white hat seo techniques. This is one of the many ways to make more clients and revenue.

However, if you already work on SEO and find that you have a steady stream of visitors to your website, but are still not achieving much success, you will most likely need to improve your engagement. Below you will find three new ideas which will improve your engagement rate, making more prospects for you!

1. Use Facebook integration features

Some Facebook features integrate your with WordPress account, for instance when departing comments on the blog from a Twitter or Facebook account.

Departing comments to a blog the traditional way requires multiple steps and you are not able to create a unique identity for you to utilize.

On the other hand with integration features, you can use different media simultaneously and then leave a comment on a WordPress blog, or you may be on Facebook or Twitter and use this account instead. You’ve got the control of one’s identity with only a single click choosing the main one you want to make use of in a certain time.

2. Make use of the new Twitter Follow Button

Twitter comes with an official tweet button, but recently, a brand new official Twitter follow button has made an appearance.The brand new Follow Button makes it simpler for visitors to follow yourself on Twitter without departing the WordPress site. It’s a little widget that enables customers to follow along with any Twitter account from any website. It uses exactly the same implementation model because of the tweet button and it is possible to integrate. All you need to do is visit the Follow Button page and produce a code for you personally. You are able to paste the code anywhere you want inside your WordPress theme. You don’t have to give a WordPress plugin to complete this.

With just the new Follow Button, you are able to get more Twitter fans from WordPress since you can have visitors following you on Twitter.

We also recommend installing the official WordPress plugin for Twitter: https://wordpress.org/plugins/twitter/

Here are three suggestions to incorporate the brand new Twitter Follow Button to your website:

  • Add some Follow Button to posts, pages or text icons. If you like, you are able to show a count of the fans, personalize the colors and display a hyperlink for your Twitter page.
  • You are able to embed fully functioning Tweets in your posts and pages, the brand new Follow Button can look within the upper right hand’s corner from the Tweet.
  • You are able to activate the Twitter widget in your site’s sidebar to show the Follow Button below a listing of latest Tweets.

3. Give a free LiveChat option inside your WordPress site or blog

A live chat is a great method to grow sales, developing trust and saving a lot of your production time.You will find individuals who leave comments on your blog to obtain a quick answer and means to fix a problem. Speaking to them live could possibly get their doubts clarified faster than leaving comments and awaiting the feedback.

If your blog has several staff who manage the website, it’s possible to always remain online to assist customers and solve their issues.